Wastewater equipment, also called wastewater treatment equipment, is the extensively used industrial equipment for the effective treatment of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater to avoid them directly flow of into water areas and greatly improving the ecological environment. Shandong RUNNENG Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (RUNNENG) had been dedicated to supplying one stop wastewater equipment and Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) solutions to worldwide customers for over 20 years. Jinan Yirun Water Treatment Technology Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Yiquan Environmental Protection Co., Ltd are our two wholly owned subsidiary companies. RUNNENG has over 30 professional experts and more than 150 staffs. Our high quality innovative wastewater equipment includes dissolved air flotation equipment, bar screen waste remover, sludge scraper and integrated sewage treatment equipment, etc. All our wastewater equipment has been passed the certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, we also have the Grade B engineering design certificate issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Hope to be your partner.

Main Wastewater Equipment Products

dissolved air flotation equipment

Dissolved air flotation equipment is the widely used to effectively separate suspended particles, oils and other fats from liquids in the wastewater treatment systems. Our DAF machine features integrated design, compact structure, energy saving, automatic self-control, etc. Its dissolved gas efficiency up to 97.5%, optimal air flotation solution can be customized for different sewage environment. More information available …

Peripheral drive sludge scraper

Sludge scraper is used to scrape the deposited sludge from the bottom of the pool to the collection pit, then the sludge discharges through pipe and the upper cleaned water flows out. Our high performance sludge scraper features compact structure, reliable operation and overload protection which is suitable to scrape and exclude sludge from sedimental pool in sewage treatment plants. More information available …

bar screen waste remover

Bar screen is the special mechanical filter used to continuously intercept and remove large solid particles and floating objects from wastewater. It is one of the advanced solid-liquid screening equipment. Our high quality bar screen features high separation efficiency,  automatic control, energy saving, good corrosion resistance. It is widely used in urban sewage treatment and other industries. More information available …

submersible wastewater pump

Waste water pump is the widely used to transport contaminated waste or sewage water often containing various organic, inorganic and industrial solid particles. Our waste water pumps mainly include vertical sewage pump and submersible wastewater pump, etc.  Our wastewater pump features compact structure, robust design, non clog and reliable operation, etc. More information available …


We had been dedicated in industrial wastewater treatment system design and fabrication for over 20 years

Our Successful Cases

RUNENG had been specializing in providing turn key wastewater equipment and solutions to worldwide customers since its foundation in 1997. We have strong ability in custom wastewater treatment systems engineering design and implementation. In recent years, we have been keeping on investing in technological innovation, integrated wastewater treatment system control and system customization solution. The safe and efficient operation of most kinds of wastewater treatment facilities can be satisfied with our finest quality products and customized solutions by our professional staffs and solid technologies.  RUNENG brand wastewater equipment and solutions are widely used in such industries as chemistry, printing and dyeing, steel, electronics, textile, light industry, food, medicine, electroplating, paper making, metallurgy, bioengineering, petroleum refining, etc. Some typical successful wastewater treatment cases are as followed.

large sludge scraper project
dissolved air flotation equipment project
Wastewater equipment project
Bar screen waste remover project

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