Buried domestic sewage treatment device is a specially designed sewage treatment system integrating a sedimentation tank, a contact oxidation pond and a sludge tank. Removal of organic pollutants and ammonia nitrogen is mainly dependent on the A/O (Anoxic Oxic) biological treatment process in the equipment. Buried domestic sewage treatment device has the advantages of stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effect, low investment, small land occupation and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in residential quarters, villages, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, stations, airports, harbour terminal, factories, mines, tourist spots, scenic areas, etc., and it can also handle various industrial organic wastewater similar to domestic sewage.

An old residential building in Jinan, Shandong province is ready for expansion and reconstruction. After the expansion and reconstruction, the original sewage treatment equipment in the residential area is insufficiently processed, and it is impossible to treat all the domestic sewage generated by the community to the standard. Pollutants contained in domestic sewage are mainly organic matter (such as protein, carbohydrate, fat, urea, ammonia nitrogen, etc.) and a large number of pathogenic microorganisms (such as parasitic eggs and intestinal infectious viruses). Organic matter present in the domestic sewage is extremely unstable and is easily corroded to produce malodor. Bacteria and pathogens multiply by the organic matter in domestic sewage, which can lead to the spread of infectious diseases. Therefore, the person in charge of the expansion and reconstruction of the community contacted Runneng and hoped that our company can design a sewage treatment plan based on the actual situation of the community and transform the original equipment.

Runneng sewage treatment engineers conducted on-the-spot investigation and combined with the actual planned land use plan of the community, made a set of technical solutions for expansion and reconstruction of sewage treatment equipment: adding a Runneng brand RN-A/OYTH-30 based on the original equipment. RN-A/OYTH-30 buried domestic sewage treatment device is combined with the original equipment to achieve the actual domestic sewage treatment volume required.

Buried domestic sewage treatment device technical parameters

  • Buried domestic sewage treatment device model is RN-A/OYTH-30
  • Treatment capacity is 30m3/h
  • Pump power is 2.2kw
  • Fan power is 5.5kw
Application of buried domestic sewage treatment device for expansion of old construction community
Application of buried sewage treatment plants for expansion of old construction community

Buried domestic sewage treatment device working principle

1.A (Anacrobic) anaerobic section: Due to the high concentration of organic matter in the sewage, the microorganism is in anoxic state, and the microorganism is a facultative microorganism. They convert the organic nitrogen in the sewage into ammonia nitrogen, and use organic matter as an electron donor to convert NO2-N and NO3-N into N2, and use a part of the organic carbon source and ammonia nitrogen to synthesize new cellular substances.

2.O(Oxic) aerobic section: aerobic microorganisms and self-oxidizing bacteria (digestive bacteria) are mainly present in the O-class pool, in which aerobic microorganisms decompose organic matter into CO2 and H2O. Autotrophic bacteria (digestive bacteria) use inorganic carbon produced by decomposition of organic matter or CO2 in the air as a source to convert ammonia nitrogen in sewage into NO2-N and NO3-N. Effluent portion of the O-stage pool is returned to the class A pool to provide an electron acceptor for the class A pool, which ultimately eliminates nitrogen contamination by denitrification.

In May 2017, Runneng wastewater treatment engineers transported the manufactured RN-A/OYTH-30 buried domestic sewage treatment device to the community, and was carefully installed and commissioned by the technicians, RN-A/OYTH 30 buried domestic sewage treatment device was officially put into use. Domestic sewage of the expanded and renovated community can be discharged after being treated. Jinan customers expressed satisfaction.


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