Buried integrated sewage treatment equipment, also called buried sewage treatment equipment, is a new type of sewage treatment equipment with mature intelligent membrane bioreactor technology as the core. Buried integrated sewage treatment equipment combines membrane separation technology with biological treatment technology and intelligent control technology, and is an integrated water treatment equipment. Buried integrated sewage treatment equipment developed by Runneng has overcome the shortcomings of traditional sewage treatment process, such as long process, large floor space and complicated operation management. It has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, small occupied area, low operation cost, stable and reliable, high degree of automation, convenient installation and maintenance operation and the like.

A large number of people in the Linyi City of Shandong Province experienced a surge in traffic during the tourist season, resulting in a large amount of wastewater generated by farmhouse hotels near the scenic spots. If sewage is not treated, they will pollute environment and cause more serious impacts.

Therefore, scenic spot management department requires farmhouse hotel to reduce the amount of sewage discharged or to treat discharged sewage. Farmhouse head learned about Runneng production of sewage treatment equipment, and can tailor treatment plan for customers. Therefore, they invited our technicians to go to the site for investigation.

After investigation, Runneng sewage treatment engineers found that the business period of farmhouse hotel industry is seasonally strong: there are many people in tourist season, and the amount of sewage is large; in off-season, there are few people, the amount of sewage is small, and even no sewage is produced.

Treatment equipment for traditional domestic sewage is usually based on biological treatment process, and the equipment is complicated, and technical requirements for operation and maintenance are high. Long-term water loss can cause microbial growth or death due to lack of nutrition, when sewage system needs to be used, the system cannot be started quickly and effective sewage treatment effect will not be achieved. Based on survey results, our company decided to use a non-simple biological process, simple equipment, easy maintenance and ready-to-use small domestic sewage treatment equipment, namely Runneng RN-A/OYTH-3 type buried integrated sewage treatment equipment.

Buried integrated sewage treatment equipment technical parameters

  • Model is RN-A/OYTH-3
  • Treatment capacity is 3m3/h
  • Pump power is 5kw
  • Fan power is 1.1kw
Application of Buried Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment in A Farmhouse Hotel in Linyi
Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Plants in A Farmhouse Hotel in Linyi
Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Tank in A Farmhouse Hotel in Linyi

In November 2016, Runneng staff load and transport RN-A/OYTH-3 type buried integrated sewage treatment equipment to Linyi customers, and install and commission installation workers to enter trial run phase. During trial operation, buried integrated sewage treatment equipment can effectively treat sewage discharged by farmhouse hotel. Effluent can meet requirements set by the management department of scenic spot, and the hotel can operate normally. Linyi customers expressed satisfaction.


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