Buried Sewage Treatment Equipment in Slaughterhouse in Xintai

//Buried Sewage Treatment Equipment in Slaughterhouse in Xintai

Buried Sewage Treatment Equipment in Slaughterhouse in Xintai

Buried sewage treatment equipment, also called underground sewage treatment plant, is a modular design sewage treatment equipment. Buried sewage treatment equipment integrates anaerobic biological filter, contact oxidation pool and sedimentation tank, and mainly uses the biofilm as the main body for treating sewage. It has the characteristics of large biological density, strong dirt resistance, low power consumption, stable operation and convenient maintenance, so it can be widely used in sewage treatment in residential areas, villages, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, stations, airports, tourist spots, scenic spots, etc., as well as various industrial organic wastewaters such as slaughter wastewater.

A group in Xintai is one of the leading and fastest growing large-scale agricultural and animal food groups in China. It is the world’s second largest meat duck supply company and the top three Chinese meat and poultry supply enterprises. This group is a whole-industry eco-farm and animal food enterprise integrating breeding and hatching of poultry (breeding chickens, breeding ducks), breeding and technical services of commercial poultry (broilers, meat ducks), feed research and development and production, poultry slaughtering and processing, down processing, conditioning products, cooked food. Xintai customers produce a large amount of slaughter wastewater in the production process, and the sewage treated by the existing equipment can not reach the standard discharge, which will increase the treatment load of the sewage treatment plant and increase the treatment cost. Xintai customers invited Runneng wastewater treatment engineers to design economical and practical sewage treatment solutions.

Runneng responded quickly and organized experienced technicians to arrive at Xintai site to investigate the water quality of the slaughter wastewater of the company. Finally, it was decided to add one RN-A/OYTH-20 type buried sewage treatment equipment based on the existing equipments to treat the slaughter wastewater.

Buried sewage treatment equipment technical parameters

  • Buried sewage treatment equipment model is RN-A/OYTH-20
  • Treatment capacity is 20m3/h
  • Equipment size is 2700×1900×2100mm
  • Pump power is 2.2kw
Buried Sewage Treatment Equipment in Slaughterhouse in Xintai

Buried sewage treatment equipment working principle

Main treatment method of buried sewage treatment equipment is to adopt a relatively mature A/O biological treatment process, so working process is divided into an anaerobic phase and an aerobic phase.

  1. Anaerobic phase: Slaughter wastewater enters the anaerobic tank and is mixed with the return sludge. Polyphosphate bacteria in activated sludge can effectively reduce the BOD in sewage during mixing process, and act on phosphorus in sludge to release it into mixed solution in the form of orthophosphate.
  2. Aerobic phase: After mixed liquid enters aerobic tank, organic matter is oxidatively decomposed, and polyphosphate bacteria absorbs orthophosphate in mixed solution to sludge in a large amount. Since phosphorus accumulating bacteria absorb more phosphorus under aerobic conditions than phosphorus released under anaerobic conditions, sewage undergoes “anaerobic-aerobic” alternating action and sludge separation of the secondary settling tank, and finally reaches phosphorus removal.

In October 2016, Runneng staff delivered the manufactured RN-A/OYTH-20 type buried sewage treatment equipment to the Xintai site. Our technicians and business leaders confirmed that equipments model and technical parameters were correct. After that, RN-A/OYTH-20 type buried sewage treatment equipment was installed and commissioned. In the trial operation stage, slaughter wastewater can be discharged to the standard. Xintai customers expressed satisfaction.


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