Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Plant for A Community in Weifang

//Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Plant for A Community in Weifang

Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Plant for A Community in Weifang

Buried sewage treatment plant, also called buried domestic sewage treatment device, is used to treat domestic sewage generated by villages, towns, residential quarters, etc., as well as industrial sewage with similar water quality to domestic sewage. Buried sewage treatment plant uses biofilm purification as the main body to purify and treat domestic sewage, so as to achieve the discharge of sewage. Based on original equipment design experience, Runneng combines the production experience of domestic excellent peers. Running brand buried sewage treatment plant has the features of high processing efficiency, low investment cost, small floor space and convenient maintenance. It can be widely used in living quarters, villas, office buildings, hotels, canteens, bathing centers, small and medium-sized factories, hospitals, and other places with high requirements for venues and environments.

A community in Weifang, Shandong has been expanded with the development of economy. After the expansion, population has increased and domestic sewage discharge has increased. Existing sewage treatment equipment can no longer meet the discharge standard after domestic sewage treatment. Domestic sewage is mainly composed of fecal water, bath water, washing water and washing water. It contains a large amount of N, P, S elements, cellulose, starch, sugar, fat, protein, urea, etc., and also contains various microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, etc. Domestic sewage can cause pathogen contamination, and it is easy to produce a foul odor under the action of anaerobic bacteria. Person in charge of the expansion of the sewage treatment project of the community hopes to carry out transformation on basis of the original equipment, so that original equipment can continue to be used, and the project can achieve economic, energy saving and environmental protection.

Person in charge of the project came to the successful case site provided by Runneng to inspect the on-site sewage treatment effect. After the inspection, person in charge officially issued an invitation to Runneng to develop an economical sewage treatment plan for it. Runneng responded quickly, and organized experienced technicians to arrive at Weifang site to investigate the population, water production, water quality, etc., and finally decided to add one RN-A/OYTH-30 type buried sewage treatment plant based on existing equipment. In this way, treated domestic sewage water quality can meet the water discharge standards proposed by Weifang customers.

Buried sewage treatment plant technical parameters

  • Buried sewage treatment plant model is RN-A/OYTH-30
  • Treatment capacity is 30m3/h
  • Pump power is 2.2kw
  • Fan power is 5.5kw
Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Plant for A Community in Weifang

Buried sewage treatment plant features

  • Less floor space: the equipment is buried under the surface, which can be used for greening, building parking lots, etc., without the need to build factories and other facilities;
  • Simple operation and maintenance: the entire device generally does not require special management;
  • No impact on surrounding environment: amount of sludge generated by equipment is small, and noise is less than the standard of second category;
  • Flexible placement: this equipment can be arranged according to standard or specially arranged according to terrain;
  • Easy operation, high processing efficiency and long service life.

In September 2017, Runneng staff delivered manufactured RN-A/OYTH-30 type buried sewage treatment plant to Weifang customer site. After confirming that buried sewage treatment plant is not damaged during transportation, and the model and technical parameters are correct, our staff installed and debugged the device under guidance of technicians. In trial operation stage, domestic sewage can be discharged to the standard. Weifang customers expressed satisfaction.


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