Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Tank for A Pig Farm in Taian

//Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Tank for A Pig Farm in Taian

Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Tank for A Pig Farm in Taian

Buried sewage treatment tank, also called underground sewage treatment plant, is a technically reliable sewage treatment equipment designed by combining aerobic and anaerobic treatment processes. Buried sewage treatment tank has the characteristics of small floor space, stable water quality, no secondary pollution, simple operation and so on, so it can be widely used in various domestic sewage and industrial sewage treatment similar to the quality of domestic sewage. Runneng has rich experience in design and production of Buried sewage treatment tank, and research and development equipment has been stably operated in many industries and many customers.

A pig farm located in Feicheng City, Shandong Province, has a breeding scale of 1,000 heads and a wastewater discharge of 60m3/d. Water production is 3m3/h according to daily operation of 20 hours. Pig farm wastewater contains urine, feces and a large amount of flushing water. Content of ammonia nitrogen, organic matter and suspended matter in wastewater is large. If it is discharged into natural water body without treatment, it will cause serious damage to water body. Pathogens in wastewater will also spread through water body, endangering health of humans and animals. In order to solve problem of unregulated wastewater in aquaculture industry, the pig farm actively responded to call of country to build a beautiful village and sought a suitable aquaculture wastewater treatment plan.

Runneng sewage treatment engineers arrived at the pig farm site to investigate scale of site, and took water samples to detect COD, BOD, SS, ammonia nitrogen and other related indicators. Results are as follows: water sample COD concentration≤ 6000mg/L, BOD concentration≤2500mg/L, SS concentration≤3500mg/L, ammonia nitrogen concentration≤100mg/L. Taian customers demand that treated wastewater can reach “Emission Standard for Pollutants in the Livestock Breeding Industry” GB18596-2001. Therefore, our technicians decided to use Runneng RN-A/OYTH-3  type buried sewage treatment tank.

Buried sewage treatment tank technical parameters

• Buried sewage treatment tank model is RN-A/OYTH-3
• Treatment capacity is 3m3/h
• Pump power is 1.5kw
• Fan power is 1.1kw
Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Tank for A Pig Farm in Taian
Application of Underground Sewage Treatment Plant for A Pig Farm in Taian
Application of Buried Sewage Treatment Equipment for A Pig Farm in Taian

In July 2018, Runneng strictly controlled quality and delivered customized RN-A/OYTH-3 type buried sewage treatment tank to Taian site. After our company and the person in charge of project conducted quality inspection and technical parameter check, our staff began to install and debug buried sewage treatment tank. In trial operation stage of buried sewage treatment tank, Runneng technicians take water samples for testing. Results are as follows: water sample COD concentration ≤400mg/L, BOD5 concentration ≤150mg/L, SS concentration ≤200mg/L, ammonia nitrogen concentration ≤80mg/L. It complies with provisions of “Emission Standards for Pollutants in Livestock Breeding Industry” GB18596-2001. Up to now, buried sewage treatment tank can run stably and water sample meets the standard, which solves the problem that wastewater of Taian pig farm wastewater does not meet the standard.


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