Application of CAF Machine for Slaughterhouse in Weifang

//Application of CAF Machine for Slaughterhouse in Weifang

Application of CAF Machine for Slaughterhouse in Weifang

CAF machine is an ideal sewage treatment equipment by combining mechanical aeration and chemical flocculation to treat wastewater. In the CAF machine working process, a large number of micro-bubbles generated by the aerator will adhere to the surface of the floc, so that the floc density is less than water, and the flocs will float up to the surface of the water and be removed by the scraper to achieve the purpose of purifying the sewage. CAF machine is mainly used for wastewater treatment in paper, chemical, printing and dyeing, food, beer, pharmaceutical, slaughter and other industries. Runneng CAF machine has the characteristics of simple operation and maintenance, low cost, high processing efficiency and small floor space.

Background of the Project

The food factory in Weifang is a comprehensive enterprise integrating feed production, improved breeding, livestock and poultry breeding, meat processing, biotechnology development and other related industries. The company was registered in 2005 and is located in Anqiu City, Weifang. The products mainly include poultry frozen meat products, poultry cooked meat products, and quick-frozen conditioning products, etc., covering more than 200 varieties. In the production process of the food factory, a large amount of sewage is generated. The sewage contains animal blood, fur, viscera, oil and other components. The composition is complex, the content of organic matter and suspended matter is high, and the long residence time will produce an unpleasant smell. If the slaughter wastewater is discharged into the urban sewage pipe network or discharged directly into the surrounding natural environment without treatment, it will increase the load of urban sewage treatment, destroy the natural environment and endanger human health. Weifang customer actively responds to the call for national environmental protection, then contacts and invites Runneng technicians to conduct surveys, and designs a cost-effective solution for slaughter wastewater.

Runneng engineers arrived at the food factory, then investigated the production process and sewage output of the plant, and sampled and tested the production sewage to analyze the composition and concentration of the sewage. Survey results are as follows:

  1. The amount of sewage water: designed amount of sewage treatment is 100 m3/d;
  2. The composition of sewage is as follows:
NO. Item Concentration(mg/L)
1 CODCr 1800
2 BOD5 800
3 SS 800
4 Ammonia nitrogen 50
5 Total nitrogen 65
6 Animal and vegetable oil 200

Based on the water quality and quantity of Weifang customers and the rich design experience, Runneng engineers decided to adopt the “A/O oxidation + disinfection” sewage purification process, and selected RN-TDAF-5 type CAF machine as the main treatment of pretreatment.

Technical parameters of CAF machine

  • Model of CAF machine is RN-TDAF-5
  • Treatment capacity is 5m3/h
  • Material is carbon steel anti-corrosion
  • Quantity is 1 set
  • Residence time is 2h
  • Size of CAF machine is 6000×1500×1500mm
  • Effective volume is 10 m3
  • Surface load is 2 m3/ ( m2 h)
Application of CAF machine for slaughterhouse in Weifang
Application of Cavitation Air Flotation for slaughterhouse in Weifang
Application of CAF machine for slaughterhouse in Weifang

Working principle of Runneng brand CAF machine

CAF machine mainly includes aerator, air floating box, scraper system, scum collector, overflow water, electronic control system, distribution, storage tank, flow meter, dosing pump, console, return pipe. When the aerator is working, the motor drives the impeller to run at a high speed to form a vacuum zone, and then the air above the water surface is sucked into the peripheral area (negative pressure zone) of the aerator through the pipeline to fill the vacuum, thereby generating a large number of microbubbles, using a stainless steel impeller to uniformly disperse microbubbles in the sewage. These bubbles are between 30 and 100 μm in diameter and adhere to the surface of the flocs and float together on the surface of the water. Finally, these microbubbles and floes form scum and are scooped off.

Runneng brand CAF machine features

  1. Save investment

CAF machine does not have pressure vessels, air compressors, circulating pumps, etc., and the equipment has a small footprint, which saves power consumption and reduces equipment investment.

  1. Low operating costs

CAF machine is very simple to operate and has no complicated equipment, so the manual operation and maintenance work is small, which reduces labor costs and maintenance costs.

  1. Significant processing efficiency

The removal rate of oil and solid suspended solids (SS) is ≥80%, the removal rate of BOD and COD is ≥60%, and the removal rate of BOD and COD can reach about 35%.

In 2018, equipments such as vortex air flotation machine were successively put into the factory, and environmental protection technicians inspected, installed, commissioned and commissioned. After testing, the indicators of the slaughterhouse sewage can reach the third-level standard for poultry slaughtering and processing of “Water Pollutant Emission Standards for Meat Processing Industry” (GB13457-92): CODCr≤300mg/L, BOD5≤150mg/L, SS≤150mg/L, ammonia nitrogen≤25mg/L, total nitrogen≤35mg/L, animal and vegetable oil≤50mg/L. This project solves the problem that the customer’s sewage is not up to standard. So far, the sewage treatment project of food processing factory in Weifang has been successfully completed.


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