CAF Unit for Sauced Meat Factory Sewage Treatment in Liaoning

//CAF Unit for Sauced Meat Factory Sewage Treatment in Liaoning

CAF Unit for Sauced Meat Factory Sewage Treatment in Liaoning

CAF unit is a widely used key wastewater treatment equipment in the sewage pretreatment process. Air is dissolved in water under pressure In the CAF unit aeration process, the pressure is reduced to normal pressure, and the dissolved supersaturated air is released into micro bubbles. CAF unit combines mechanical aeration with chemical flocculation to achieve clean water by removing solid suspended solids (SS), colloids and grease from sewage. CAF unit can be used in many fields such as food processing, paper industry, chemical industry, printing and dyeing industry, beer manufacturing, pharmaceutical industry, slaughtering and other industries. Runneng brand air floatation machine has the characteristics of high processing efficiency, low operating cost, wide application range and saving investment.

A sauced meat factory located in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province specializes in the production of sauced products. The company was established in 1979 and covers an area of 15,200 square meters, with a construction area of 4,200 square meters. The total value of fixed assets is more than 10 million yuan. It mainly produces pickled chicken feet, sauced chicken feet and sauced meat products. The waste water generated by processing sauced products generally includes excess brine discharged from the sauced product processing workshop, flushing wastewater from the workshop, overflowing waste water from the halogen product container and waste water from the washing container. The characteristics of discharged wastewater are large gallons of water quantity and water quality changes greatly; COD value changes with time and season; suspended solids and salt content in water are extremely high. If not treated, the water quality of the company’s effluent will not meet the local sewage treatment plant take-over standards. The sauced meat factory contacted and invited Runneng technicians to go to the site for investigation and design a cost-effective solution to treat wastewater.

Background of the Project

Runneng engineers arrived at the braised meat factory to understand the production process of sauced meat factory, the main components of sewage, sewage quantity, etc., and we tested according to the water samples provided by the enterprise. The results of the survey are as followed. Sewage from sauced meat factory is mainly derived from the washing and immersing of the raw material thawing process, cooking, seasoning, brewing, drying and drying, and the sewage generated by the sanitary cleaning process. The scale of the enterprise sewage treatment is 30m3/d, daily water quality indicators were: ρ(COD)890 mg/L,ρ(BOD5)425 mg/L,ρ(NH3-N)35 mg/L,ρ(SS)450 mg/L,ρ(grease)40 mg/L,ρ(phosphate)4 mg/L,value of pH is 8~10. Runneng technicians determined to use the air flotation-hydrolysis acidification-MBR-sand filter tank combination process to treat small-scale sauced meat products sewage, and selected RN-TDAF-3 type CAF unit as pretreatment equipment.

Technical Parameters of CAF Unit

  • Model of CAF unit is RN-TDAF-3
  • Treatment capacity is 3m3/h
  • Power is 0.37 kW
  • Mixing method of the medicine uses a pipe mixer, and the water collecting method uses the mouth to adjust the water.
  • Pipe mixer diameter is DN100, 2 sets
  • Number of air compressors is 1 unit, P = 0.75 kW
  • Number of return pumps is 1 unit, qV = 1.5 m3/h, H = 70 m, P = 1.5 kW
  • Ladder material is Q235, platform material is FRP glass steel grating
CAF Unit for Sauced Meat Factory Sewage Treatment in Liaoning
CAF Machine for Sauced Meat Factory Sewage Treatment in Liaoning
Cavitation Air Flotation Machine for Sauced Meat Factory Sewage Treatment in Liaoning

In June 2017, the wastewater treatment project of sauced meat factory started construction, and Runneng staff delivered the RN-TDAF-3 CAF unit to the enterprise for installation. In August 2017, it entered the commissioning phase. After testing by a third party, CAF unit was in good working condition and the effluent water quality was as follows: ρ(COD)240.5 mg/L,ρ(BOD5)80.41 mg/L,ρ(NH3-N)17.52 mg/L,ρ(SS)50 mg/L,ρ(grease)4.28 mg/L,ρ(phosphate)3 mg/Ls,the value of pH is 6~9. The water quality is much higher than “Liaoning Province Integrated Wastewater Discharge Standard” DB 211627-2008, and after processing, it can be directly discharged into the municipal pipe network. The application of CAF unit greatly solved the sewage treatment problem and alleviates the processing pressure of the municipal pipe network. After 2 months intensive work, the sewage treatment project of sauced meat factory was successfully completed. CAF unit is operating well, the water quality discharged continues to meet the standards, and customers are very recognized for the operation of the wastewater treatment equipment.


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