Cavitation air flotation unit, also known as CAF machine, is an important wastewater pretreatment equipment. Cavitation air flotation unit is mainly used for algae collection or removal, reducing turbidity of lake water, river water and pond water, pigment and impurity removal of textile and dyeing wastewater, pulp and water recovery of papermaking wastewater, fat, grease removal, oil refining degreasing and pretreatment of oily wastewater such as factories and petrochemicals to reduce the load on downstream biological treatment systems. RUNNENG brand cavitation air flotation unit has the advantages of low investment, small floor space, high automation, convenient operation and management, etc. It has been installed and used by many customers all over the country and is widely used in slaughterhouses, paper mills, oil industry, car wash industry, textile printing and dyeing industry, leather industry, food processing plants, dairy and milk production, metal plating, petrochemical industry and other fields.

A poultry slaughterhouse in Shangqiu, Henan Province was established in June 2004 and covers an area of 300,000 square meters. The company’s main business is a variety of duck breeding, feed processing, contract farming, meat processing and sales, leading products are ducklings, feed, meat duck segmentation products, etc., the product has reached 6 series, 18 varieties. Wastewater produced by the company mainly contains blood, oil, minced meat, bone residue, feathers and feces, and wastewater is brownish red and has a strong smell of odor. Content of organic suspended matter is high and it is easy to be spoiled. Slaughter wastewater that is not treated directly into the water will consume dissolved oxygen in the water, destroying the ecosystem and polluting the environment. Therefore, Henan customers contact Runneng to design and install wastewater treatment processing equipment .

Cavitation air flotation unit technical parameters

  • Cavitation air flotation unit model is RN-PRQF60
  • Treatment capacity is 60-70m3/h
  • Dissolved gas volume is 25-28 m3/h
  • Main motor power is 15kw
  • Cavitation air flotation unit model is RN-PRQF60
  • Treatment capacity is 60-70m3/h
  • Refueling motor is 1.5kw
  • Scraper power is 0.55kw
  • Equipment weight is 5500kg
  • Residence time 15-30min
Application of Cavitation Air Flotation Unit for Slaughterhouse in Henan
Application of Cavitation Air Flotation Machine for Slaughterhouse in Henan
Application of Cavitation Air Flotation System for Slaughterhouse in Henan

Slaughter wastewater is collected by the collection pipe network and enters the gutter. After the two coarse grids, the small pieces of broken meat, floating objects and small pieces of feathers are removed. Sewage then enters the conditioning tank to regulate the water volume and homogenize the water quality. Wastewater is then pumped to cavitation air flotation unit. In the system, the suspended organic matter and oil substances are mainly removed by the adhesion of microbubbles, and then processed into the biological filter treatment system.

Through the adsorption and degradation of the biological adsorption, the remaining pollutants in the wastewater are removed, and then the sewage is subjected to air flotation treatment, so that the biofilm removed from the surface of the filler is separated in the air floating pool. Scum of the regulating tank sludge and the flotation tank are discharged into the sludge storage tank, and the sewage is treated at regular intervals, and the sewage is cleaned up to the standard and discharged nearby.

In September 2016, Runneng technical experts went to the slaughter plant area for on-the-spot investigation, combined with the daily production capacity of the factory, calculated that it was necessary to install a Runneng brand cavitation air flotation unit with a treatment capacity of 60m3/h. After the installation and commissioning is completed, the water quality monitoring is carried out again. Concentration of sewage index COD5≤80mg/L, BOD≤30mg/L, SS≤60mg/L, all meet the “Emission Standards for Water Pollutants in Meat Processing Industry” (GB13457-1992), thus confirming that cavitation air flotation unit produced by Runneng is practical and effective.


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