Application of DAF System in Food Processing Plant in Rongcheng

//Application of DAF System in Food Processing Plant in Rongcheng

Application of DAF System in Food Processing Plant in Rongcheng

DAF system, namely dissolved air flotation system, is the key and widely used wastewater treatment system in industrial applications. The DAF system is mainly composed of air floatation tank, dissolved gas system and pharmaceutical tank. The DAF system utilizes the characteristics of different water solubility under different pressure to separate solid pollutants from wastewater efficiently, and also resolve overall wastewater impurity issues in the wastewater treatment systems. RUNNENG brand DAF system is widely used in white water recycling, water reuse, various heavy metal ions removal, refinery wastewater treatment, oil separation, tannery wastewater impurity removal, printing and dyeing wastewater impurity removal. DAF system is also suitable for the treatment of wastewater with low turbidity, high chroma, high organic content, low oil content, low surfactant content or rich algae.

The working principle of the flat-flow dissolved air flotation system is as followed:

RUNNENG brand DAF system utilizes the characteristics of different water solubility under different pressure which can increase the air solubility of water by pressurizing and aerating all or part of the water to be treated (or treated). Air is pumped into water containing coagulants and released at atmospheric pressure, resulting in the formation of small bubbles. These small bubbles adhere to the impurity flocs, so the overall density of flocs is smaller than that of water. Flocs rise as a whole, resulting in solid-liquid separation.

The main working process of the dissolved air flotation equipment (DAF equipment) :

The mixed wastewater is pumped into the dissolved air tank by air floating circulating pump, and mixed with the air, so the air is dissolved into the water, and the dissolved air efficiency will reach more than 80%. The dissolved water from the dissolved gas tank passes through the releaser to reduce the pressure to zero or negative pressure, and the dissolved air in the water is released from the water to form micro-bubbles with a diameter of 20-50μm. Micro-bubbles combine with suspended solids in sewage (some of micro-bubbles grow directly in suspended solids), so that the proportion of suspended solids in sewage decreases until they float on the surface of the water body, forming a large amount of scum. The chain scraper installed on the flotation tank scavenges the scum. A part of the clear water at the bottom of the floatation tank can be discharged directly to the outside or into the secondary treatment equipment after entering the floatation clear water tank, and the remaining part can be used as the reflux dissolved air water.

The main business scope of RONGCHENG Food Processing Factory is freezing and storage of aquatic products, and the food processing factory is a large-scale aquatic food processing enterprise integrating aquatic products processing, product sales and foreign trade export. The leading products of this food processing factory are frozen squid series, frozen fillet series, frozen powder series and frozen raw material fish series. Products processing wastewater is mainly produced in the cleaning, dehydration, soaking and other sections. Wastewater mainly contains squid viscera, debris, oil, squid skin and other components, so the concentrations of CODcr, SS, animal and vegetable oil, NH3-N are higher. Our DAF system is the suitable wastewater treatment system to process the wastewater for food processing factory.

Shandong RUNNENG Environmental Technology Co., Ltd  carried out on-the-spot investigation of the food processing plant, and organized engineers to take water samples for testing. And the water quality report (part) is as follows:

Water quality report form
Application of DAF system in food processing plant in Rongcheng
Application of DAF unit in food processing plant in Rongcheng
According to the water quantity, water quality, canal width, canal depth, the shape of the separated substances, particle size and other factors of the food company, Shandong Runneng Protection Technology Co., Ltd selected DAF system, two grille machines, four diving mixers, dosing machines and other equipment for RONGCHENG customers.
The sewage is filtered through the grille, and then enters the oil regulating tank for pretreatment. The pretreated wastewater enters the DAF system for solid-liquid separation, and then enters the subsequent wastewater treatment process.

Specifications of RUNNENG brand DAF system:

    • Model -TDAF125
    • Treatment capacity: 125m3/h
    • Container water volume: 60-80 m3/h
    • Main motor power: 22KW
    • Scraper power: 1.1 KW
    • Air compressor power: 3 KW
    • Gas tank size: φ800×1980mm
    • Machine size: 13500×2800×2600mm

In July 2018, Shandong RUNNENG Environmental Technology Co., Ltd transported customized DAF system and its accessories to food processing plant in Rongcheng. After the installation and the trial run, the machines are put into production. The biggest advantages of the machine are sturdy structure, integral design, modular manufacturing, automatic operation and high efficiency, energy saving, low investment, low operating costs, easy installation and maintenance. The treated effluent completely meets the requirements of customers.


Shandong RUNNENG Environmental Technology Co., Ltd (RUNNENG) had been dedicated to supplying one stop wastewater equipment and Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) solutions to worldwide customers for over 20 years. RUNNENG has over 30 professional experts and more than 150 staffs. Our high quality innovative wastewater equipment includes dissolved air flotation equipment, bar screen waste remover, sludge scraper and integrated sewage treatment equipment, etc. All our wastewater equipment has been passed the certificates of ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001, we also have the Grade B engineering design certificate issued by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. Hope to be your partner.

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