Dissolved Air Flotation System for Food Refrigeration Plant

//Dissolved Air Flotation System for Food Refrigeration Plant

Dissolved Air Flotation System for Food Refrigeration Plant

Dissolved air flotation system, also called dissolved air flotation unit, is the effective and efficient facility to separate and remove mixed solids and other impurities from wastewater and to resolve overall water clarity issues in the wastewater treatment systems. The flat-flow dissolved air flotation system is a kind of air flotation, which is composed of main box body, dissolved gas system, scraping system and mud discharging system.

The working principle of the flat-flow dissolved air flotation system is as followed:

1. Using all the different solubility characteristics of water under different pressures, pressurize and aerate all or part of the water to be treated (or treated) to increase the air dissolution of water.
2. the water is added with coagulant, released under normal pressure, the air is precipitated to form small bubbles;
3. Small bubbles adhere to the impurity floc, causing the overall density of the floc to rise less than water, thus Separate solid and liquid. The flat-flow dissolved air flotation system is suitable for treating water with low turbidity, high chroma, high organic content, low oil content, low surface active content or rich in algae.
The dissolved gas system (including pressure dissolved gas tank, air compressor, water pump and its auxiliary equipment) accounts for 50% of the energy consumption of the whole air-floating process, and the value of the air-dissolved gas tank of the air flotation accounts for 12% of the total infrastructure investment of the plant. Therefore, Optimizing the design of the dissolved gas system is important to reduce the cost of air flotation operations. Compared with other air flotation modes, the flat-flow dissolved air flotation system has the advantages of high hydraulic load and compact pool.

RUNNENG brand flat-flow dissolved air flotation system design considerations.

1. The water and gas phase in the dissolved gas tank are mixed, so it is generally designed according to the pressure vessel. The top of the tank is equipped with an automatic exhaust valve or an automatic pressure reducing valve at the bottom of the tank to balance the pressure. The pressure in the tank is generally controlled at about 0.45 MPa. This determines the parameters of the lift pump, return pump and air compressor.
2. The adjustment of the amount of air injected is a key factor in the flotation operation and generally varies with the selected dissolved gas pressure or reflux ratio.
3. The water level in the dissolved gas tank is an important factor affecting the air flotation effect. If the water level is too low, the necessary buffer depth will be lacking, and the gas will pass through the water layer to enter the air flotation device to form large bubbles, and the air flotation effect is not good. It is recommended that the water level be controlled within 1/3-1/4 of the tank.
4. The pressure inside the dissolved gas tank is an important factor affecting the gas volume. Under normal circumstances, if the pressure is high, the dissolved gas is much. In the air compressor filling method, the pressure in the dissolved gas tank is determined by the air compressor air pressure and the water pump. In the normal operation, first of all, to ensure sufficient water pressure, but the water pressure and pressure are basically equal.

Dissolved Air Flotation System for Food Refrigeration Plant
Dissolved Air Flotation unit for Food Refrigeration Plant
Dissolved Air Flotation equipment for Food Refrigeration Plant

Rongcheng Shidao First Refrigeration Factory is professional factory for bean food processing, the effluent requirements to reach the standard of straight discharge, install air flotation system at the water outlet, reduce SS and COD, and ensure the effluent meets the standard. According to the evaluation of water flow speed, site area, water quality, etc., our factory chooses X type dissolved air flotation machine for installation and use.

Advection flow dissolved air flotation equipment parameters:

Model RN-PRQF70
Treatment water volume: 70-80 m3/h
Dissolved gas volume: 25-28 m3/h
Main motor power 15kw
Refueling motor 1.5kw
Scraper 0.55kw
Equipment weight 6000kg
Residence time 15-30min

Runneng brand dissolved air flotation system features

1. The pressure-capacity curve is flat, easy to achieve automatic control, easy to operate and easy to maintain, low noise.
2. The dissolved air pump can replace the complex system consisting of a circulating pump, an air compressor, a dissolved gas tank, a jet, and a release head.
3. Low pressure operation, dissolved gas efficiency of up to 99%, release rate of up to 99%.
4. The high-efficiency adsorption of microbubbles and suspended particles improves the removal effect of SS.
5. It can effectively remove oil, gelatinous and suspended particles and fibers in sewage, reduce COD, BOD, SS and other sewage discharge loads in wastewater, and can significantly change the color of water.

In September 2017, the dissolved air flotation system and its frame were sent to Rongcheng Shidao First Refrigeration Factory. After the equipment arrived at the site, the workers installed the air floater on the equipment rack, and then connected the water inlet pipe. The outlet pipe, the mud discharge pipe, and the vent pipe. After the line is completed, the worker completes the commissioning of the influent and the system is operating normally. After the operation and testing, the floating removal rate of the dissolved air flotation unit is up to 99%, the COD removal rate is 20-30%, the SS removal rate is 60-70%, the operation effect is good, and the effluent requirement reaches the straight discharge standard. The Dissolved Air Flotation System Fully meets the needs of the projects
Welcome to visit our dissolved air flotation for wastewater treatment project in RONGCHENG, China.


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