Application of drum type grille machine in slaughtering industry in Dingtao

//Application of drum type grille machine in slaughtering industry in Dingtao

Application of drum type grille machine in slaughtering industry in Dingtao

Drum type grille machine, is the efficient wastewater treatment equipment for solid-liquid separation process which is widely used in wastewater treatment processes in urban sewage, waterworks, power plant inlets, textile, food processing, paper making, leather and other industries. Drum type grille machine has a screen mesh on the drum. When the waste water passes through the screen mesh, the solid waste in the waste water is subjected to solid-liquid separation under the action of the rotation of the drum, thereby achieving the purpose of purifying the water body. Drum type grille machine has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient maintenance, high treatment efficiency, high degree of automation and long service life.

Drum Type Grille Machine Working Principle

Drum type grille machine consists of a rotating wedge drum, a press rotary screw and a press stage (with electric motor). Drum type grille machine is installed in the water channel at 35° from the horizontal plane. And the sewage flows into the drum from the end of the drum, the wastewater flows out through the grid slit of the grid, and solid contaminants are filtered in the grid basket. The cleaning arm with the harrowing tooth cleans the gap of the grid during the circular motion, and the harrowing tooth protrudes into the grid to take out the solid. When the cleaning arm is at the highest point, the garbage is removed from the harrowing tooth by the flushing of the water and the action of the slag blocking plate. Then the garbage falls into the screw conveying bucket of the garbage collecting device. The variable pitch dewater the garbage during the conveying process, and the garbage is squeezed out at the uppermost compression zone. At the same time, the squeeze water returns back to the canal, and the waste is finally sent to the container or subsequent equipment for processing.

Slaughterhouse Wastewater Treatment Process

The food processing factory in Heze Dingtao mainly deals with duck slaughtering and processing. In the process, a large amount of complex meat processing wastewater is produced, he main components are a lot of blood, oil, minced meat, animal hair, undigested food and feces, urine and so on. So the concentration of CODCr, BOD5, SS, NH3-N and animal and vegetable oil in wastewater is higher. According to the relevant data of enterprise drainage testing provided by the food factory, and the experience of RUNNENG in similar projects, the water quality indicators of processing wastewater are shown in the following table:

No. Test items Test Results
1 CODCr ≤1800mg/L
2 BOD5 ≤600mg/L
3 SS ≤700mg/L
4 NH3-N ≤50mg/L
5 Animal and vegetable oil ≤70mg/L
6 pH 6-9

RUNNENG comprehensively considers such factors as water quality, treatment level, floor space and project scale, and selects 1 drum type grille machine, 2 air floatation systems and 10 submersible mixers, 3 blowers, 1 set of sludge dewatering system and so on. Among them, the ZGGS-62.5 drum type grille machine is used to pre-treat the wastewater before entering the biological treatment and subsequent treatment, and solid-liquid separation of the solid waste in the waste water is performed to ensure the normal operation of the subsequent treatment.

Application of drum type grille machine in Slaughtering industry in Dingtao
Application of drum type grille unit in Slaughtering industry in Dingtao
Application of drum type grille equipment in Slaughtering industry in Dingtao

Specifications of RUNNENG brand drum type grille machine

  • Model –JHZ62.5
  • Treatment capacity is 62.5m3/h
  • Performance parameters: grid gap: 3mm
  • Quantity: 1 set
  • Material: Stainless steel

In December 2016, with the cooperation of RUNNENG engineers and construction personnel, the drum type grille machine was installed, commissioned and put into use to realize the solid-liquid separation of meat processing wastewater and ensuring the subsequent wastewater treatment effectively. The meat processing wastewater of Heze food company has been treated. The CODCr≤50mg/L, BOD5≤10mg/L, SS≤20mg/L and NH3-N≤5mg/L in the wastewater meet the water quality requirements of the key watershed in “Integrated Emission Standards for Water Pollutants along the South-to-North Water Diversion Project of Shandong Province”(DB37/599-2006), at the same time meet the relevant requirements of the company on the effluent quality.

RUNNENG brand drum type grille machine has longer service life and high strength (can withstand 1m water level difference), high degree of automation and high separation efficiency. Welcome to visit our project.


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