Grille decontamination machine is also called rotary bar screen waste remover, is suitable for the sewage treatment plant advection sedimentation tank. The main function of grille decontamination machine is to scrape the sludge settled at the bottom of the tank to the sludge tank, so that the sludge can be refluxed or concentrated and dehydrated, and the surface scum can be dumped to the slag collecting bucket (if there is scum). These residues are discharged from the tank through the scum funnel for further processing. The grille decontamination machine consists of the main part such as the working bridge, the hoisting structure, the scraper arm truss, the scraping board, the driving structure, the electric control box, and the accessories such as the water outlet triangle slab and the scum scraper. The contents of the attachments included in the main equipment are determined by mutual agreement.

The traveling girder of the rotary bar screen waste remover crosses the four-point support across the advection sedimentation tank, and the rail can be laid on both sides of the sedimentation tank. However, if the equipment uses engineering rubber wheels, nylon wheels, and polyurethane wheels, only four-point guide wheels need to be added, and no rails need to be laid. The rotary bar screen waste remover adopts a bilateral driving method, and the scraper beam runs from one end to the other end. During the operation, the scraping board scrapes the sludge into the sludge tank, and the scum into slag collecting bucket if there is scum scraper. The grille decontamination machine is to suck the mud while running. During the return journey, the scraper arm truss and the scraping board are lifted off the bottom of the sedimentation tank by the hoisting structure, and the scraping board is lifted off the water surface by the electric push rod to complete a stroke. Then the scraper returns to the starting position. The stroke switches at both ends control their reciprocating operation. The time relay controls the operation and stop time of the sludge scraper according to the sludge quantity. It has the characteristics of simple and compact structure, easy maintenance, flexible electrical control, efficient transmission efficiency, perfect overload protection and so on. The equipment can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. The material of the rake teeth can be ABS engineering plastic, nylon or stainless steel.

Grille decontamination machine for Wastewater Plant in Shandong
Mechanically Cleaned Bar Screen for Wastewater Plant in Shandong
Rotary Bar Screen Waste Remover for Wastewater Plant in Shandong

Rongcheng Wanglian Wastewater Plant can treat domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater in the entire street. The grille decontamination machine installed in front of the water inlet of the sewage treatment tank can intercept domestic garbage, such as plastic bags, peels, vegetable leaves, and production garbage such as fish skins, fish heads, leftovers, and reduce the subsequent treatment load. According to the factors such as the amount of water passing through the sewage pond, the lifting height, the total amount of solid-liquid separation, the shape and particle size of the separated substances, we chose JHZ500 grille decontamination machine as the key waste water treatment device.

Specifications of Grille Decontamination Machine for Food Wastewater Treatment

  • Model – JHZ500
  • The width of the channel is 500mm
  • The depth of the channel is 5m
  • Grid gap is 3mm
  • Rake teeth material – 304stainless steel
  • Rack material – Carbon steel
  • Installation angle is 75°
  • Slagging height is 800mm

In March 2018, the grille machine and its accessories were sent to Rongcheng Wanglian Wastewater Plant. After simple installation and debugging by workers, the equipment can be put into production. The equipment can work continuously and stably under the condition of unattended operation, so as to realize the clean-up of the full water cross section. The equipment has high degree of automation, high separation efficiency, low power consumption, no noise and good corrosion resistance, and can effectively reduce the waste water treatment load and fully meet the requirements of customers.

Welcome to the rotary mechanical cleaning rod screen of Rongcheng food waste water treatment project in China.


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