Dissolved air flotation equipment, also called DAF equipment, is the effective and efficient facility to separate and remove mixed solids and other impurities from wastewater and to resolve overall water clarity issues in the wastewater treatment systems. As the key wastewater treatment equipment, dissolved air flotation equipment can mainly provide solid-liquid separation, it can also reduce COD, BOD, color, etc.

The  DAF equipment can dissolve a large amount of air in wastewater under certain conditions to form dissolved air wastewater automatically. The dissolved air wastewater can act as the working medium to be depressurized by the releaser and released quickly, resulting in a large number of fine air bubbles adhering to the wastewater after the coagulation reaction. “Floating flower” makes the floc rise quickly, so that the pollutants in the water can be quickly removed to achieve the purpose of clean water.

Dissolved Air Flotation Equipment