Application of Peripheral Drive Scraper for A Slaughterhouse in Heze

//Application of Peripheral Drive Scraper for A Slaughterhouse in Heze

Application of Peripheral Drive Scraper for A Slaughterhouse in Heze

Peripheral drive scraper, also called peripheral drive suction machine, is a sedimentation tank scraping device widely used in sewage treatment plants. Raw water flows through the center water distribution tube and flows into overflow tank around pool. As flow rate decreases, suspended solids in water body are separated and settled at the bottom of pool. Supernatant liquid is discharged from water tank through overflow raft. Peripheral drive scraper is mainly used for radial discharge tanks with large diameters such as urban water plants and sewage treatment plants, and can also be used for treatment of mud drainage in condensate pools.

A slaughterhouse in Heze, Shandong Province produces a large amount of slaughter wastewater in the pre-slaughter stage, slaughtering project, visceral processing section and disintegration and cleaning. Wastewater has high drainage fluctuations, many hairs, blood lipids, high suspended solids and a large amount of protein, fat and other characteristics. If meat processing wastewater is directly discharged without treatment, it will cause serious pollution to water environment, and cause harm to human and animal health. When slaughterhouse was just established, no scraper was installed in the second settling tank, so effect of sucking mud was not good. Heze customers invited Runneng to dispatch technical personnel to carry out investigation and reconstruction. After on-site inspection by our technicians, we added a new Runeng brand ZBGN-14 peripheral drive scraper to original second settling tank.

Peripheral drive scraper technical parameters

  • Peripheral drive scraper model is ZBGN-14
  • Can diameter is 14m
  • Peripheral speed is 2-3 m/min
  • Single-sided power is 0.55 KW
  • Wheel pressure is 1800KG
  • Wheel pitch is 1440mm
  • Tank depth is 3-5m
Application of Peripheral Drive Scraper for A Slaughterhouse in Heze
Application of Peripheral drive suction machine for A Slaughterhouse in Heze
Application of Peripheral scraper for A Slaughterhouse in Heze

Main structure and characteristics

Peripheral drive scraper mainly consists of drive device, main shaft, railing, steel beam, vertical grid, support, scraper, overflow weir, tie rod, small scraper, underwater bearing, steady flow tube, electric control box and other component group.

  1. Transmission part adopts electrical and mechanical double overload protection, which makes operation more safe and reliable.
  2. Underwater part is made of stainless steel, which has long corrosion resistance and long service life.

In April 2017, Runneng delivers ZBGN-14 type peripheral drive scraper customized for Heze customers to the site. After technicians of our company and the person in charge of Heze project check equipment, our technicians instruct the installation workers to install and debug. During the agreed construction period, the construction is completed and peripheral drive scraper is put into trial operation. After testing, the treated slaughter wastewater complies with the “Water Pollutant Discharge Standard for Meat Processing Industry” (GB13457-1992), and Heze customers are satisfied.

Peripheral drive scraper application field

Peripheral drive scraper can be widely used in sewage treatment projects in urban, chemical, textile, metallurgical and other industries. Peripheral drive scraper has the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, convenient operation and maintenance, and is an ideal sewage treatment engineering supporting facility.


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