Rotary drum screen , also known as the rotary drum grille decontamination machine, is used to remove the larger garbage and suspended solids that may block the subsequent pump units and pipeline valves, and to ensure the normal operation of the subsequent treatment facilities. Generally, the rotary drum screen consists of a group or groups of parallel metal grilles and frames, which are inclined to be installed in the grille wells of intake channels or intake pumping stations to intercept suspended substances and garbage in sewage.

As the first barrier for sewage entering the treatment system, the rotary drum screen plays an irreplaceable role in the sewage treatment system. According to large data statistics, more than 60% of sewage treatment plants have serious problems in the pretreatment process, which seriously affects the operation of the follow-up treatment process. In these sewage treatment plants, more than 30% of the operational problems are directly related to the pretreatment process. Therefore, the selection of the sewage pretreatment equipment – rotary drum screen waste remover is very important.

Weifang paper mill is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province. Its main business items are pulp, paper and paper products, paper coatings, paper additives, automatic office equipment manufacturing, paper making and printing. The daily sewage flow of paper mill is 980 m3/h,and the paper mill is looking for a suitable sewage treatment scheme. Considering the EIA report, the water quality and quantity of enterprise drainage, Runneng selects the rotary drum screen waste remover as the pretreatment equipment in the sewage treatment system.

Runneng brand rotary drum screen waste remover is divided into two types: rotary coarse grille and rotary fine grille. Coarse grille mainly includes steel rope grille and high chain grille, and fine grille has drum grille and rotary grille. The drum-type fine grille can be divided into integral drum fine grille and split drum fine grille according to the drum installation mode and whether the squeezing device is integrated with the drum.

The comparison of various grille machines is shown in the table below:

Rotary drum screen for Weifang paper mill
rotary drum grille machine for Weifang paper mill
rotary drum fine screen for Weifang paper mill

Matters needing attention in selection of rotary drum screen waste remover

1) Rotary Coarse screen: High grid coarse grille works similar to wire rope grille. The difference is that the high chain coarse grille traction operation is to use wire rope instead of chain. The possibility of chain breaking is very low, thus the general chain protection device is cancelled. In this way, the friction between the rake and the backplane of the grille will be reduced, and the service life of the backplane will increase. At the same time, when the rake bucket goes down without load, the rollers on both sides of the rack are easy to cooperate, and it is not easy to cause the rake bucket to run off or even derail.

2)Rotary Fine screen:The grille and the press screw of the integral rotary Fine screen are integrated devices, and the grille and the screw press of the split drum grille are independent of each other. The rotary fine screen has a mechanical overload protection device. When the grille wheel is seriously overloaded, the overload protection device will start. If there are a lot of fibers in the effluent, rather rotary drum screen than rotary bar grille is recommended.

Weifang Paper Mill wastewater has a large amount of water, which contains a lot of fibers. Therefore, the integrated rotary drum screen is used to pretreat Weifang paper mill wastewater by Runneng.

Specifications of RUNNENG ratory drum screen

  • Model –JHZ900
  • Channelwidth is 1220mm
  • Channel depthis 1400mm
  • Drum diameteris 1200mm
  • Grid Gapis 5mm
  • Installation angleis ≥35 degrees

In April 2018, the integrated rotary drum screen, fittings and other wastewater treatment equipment produced by Runneng were transported to Weifang. After careful installation and debugging by the constructors, the integral drum grille has been installed and put into use. The integral rotary drum screen waste remover effectively intercepts some pollutants and improves the quality of wastewater, which improves the treatment efficiency of follow-up sewage treatment equipment, and achieves the best treatment effect of the whole wastewater treatment system. Weifang customers are satisfied with Runneng.

Welcome to the rotary drum screen for waste water treatment project in Weifang paper mill.


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