Sludge Scraper System for Power Plant in Binzhou

//Sludge Scraper System for Power Plant in Binzhou

Sludge Scraper System for Power Plant in Binzhou

Truss-lift-type Sludge scraper system is the kind of wastewater treatment equipment which is mainly used to clean up sludge that is settled in the bottom of the sewage treatment tank and the scum of the pool surface. Sludge scraper system is widely used in urban sewage treatment, waterworks and industrial wastewater treatment industries. The Sludge scraper system is placed in the sedimentation tank of the sewage treatment plant. The sludge deposited on the bottom of the tank is scraped into the sludge  collection pit at the bottom of the tank by this sludge scraper equipment , and the scum on the surface of the tank is dumped into the slag collection hopper for further processing.

Truss-lift-type sludge scraper system consists of working bridges, transmissions, scraping devices, and stroke control mechanisms.

(1) The working bridge is welded into a monolithic structure with sufficient strength and rigidity. The main beams are assembled on a dedicated platform with a walkway width of 1m. The walkway plates are laid on aisle bridges. The structure of the working bridge is reasonable, firm and beautiful in appearance.

(2) Scraper device. It is assembled from steel plate and bracket into a whole. The middle of the bracket is provided with a lifting point and a hoisting mechanism steel wire rope. The scraper is equipped with a nitrile rubber scraper with a total height of 500mm and is supported by a rubber wheel to ensure a certain height between the scraper and the pool surface.

(3) Scraper lifting device adopts motor reducer drive wire hoisting mechanism for lifting. The device has stable lifting speed, reliable operation and accurate contact.

(4) The control mechanism is controlled by multiple points of travel switch, which is sensitive in action, accurate in installation position, and equipped with rain-proof and moisture-proof measures.

Sludge scraper system’s working principle

Truss-lift-type Sludge scraper system are generally parked at the water outlet. First, start driving the drive reducer, and the scraper starts to run the sludge  to the inlet end. When running to the inlet end, the brake stops running after the brake touches the limit switch. Next, the hoisting mechanism began to raise the scraper to the level of 100mm, and the traveling reducer started to run the skid in the reverse direction again. When the skid was running to the end, the reducer was stopped, and the winching mechanism lowered the scraper to the bottom of the pool (this For a work cycle). The scraper waits for the next command to set the procedure and repeats the above work, so that the sludge from the bottom of the tank and the scum on the water surface are scraped by a round trip cycle.

Binzhou Jinan Thermal Power Plant is a cogeneration enterprise integrating power generation and heating. It is responsible for the centralized supply of steam in Binzhou Industrial Park and the electricity and steam consumption of Binzhou Jinhui Corn Development Co., Ltd. However, due to the high water effluent suspended matter from the local water plant, frequent overhaul of power plant equipment is often caused. After testing, our company’s engineers evaluated the customer’s sedimentation tank and the water quality, and selected and installed theTruss-lift-type Sludge scraper system which model is RN-HCGN-10000 for the customer.

sludge scraper system to Clean Suspended Matter in Binzhou
sludge scraper unit to Clean Suspended Matter in Binzhou
sludge scraper equipment to Clean Suspended Matter in Binzhou

Specifications of Truss-lift-type Sludge Scraper System

  • Model is RN-HCGN-10000
  • Pool depth is 4M
  • Pool width is 10m
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Travel speed is 0.8-1.5m/min
  • Lifting speed is 0.5-0.8m/min
  • Driving power is 75KW
  • Hoist power is 2kw

In March 2018, our factory sent a Truss-lift-type sludge scraper system and supporting frame to Binzhou Jinan Thermal Power Company. The normal operation of the scraper is directly related to the operation effect of the advection sedimentation tank. Therefore, it is the key to realize the automatic, simple and efficient operation of the sludge scraper system. In the Binzhou project, the electrical control system of sludge scraper system is controlled by the Siemens brand PLC, and the electrical components use the Schneider brand to ensure that the electronic control program is accurate and correct. The whole sludge scraper system is made of 304 stainless steel with high structural strength , good corrosion resistance and long service life. In the power drive system scraping unit, both the hoisting machine and the driving motor drive use a cycloidal deceleration motor. The mechanical structure is simple, the deceleration effect is stable, and the service life is long. The equipment is equipped with manual and automatic transfer switches. The manual mode is used for daily equipment maintenance. It is very convenient to clean and replace all components. In automatic mode, the equipment can realize 7*24 hours automatic unattended operation.

Operation effect introduction

Set the operation mode of the equipment to automatic operation, and the travel speed of the brake is 0.8 m/min. When the brakes run from the overflow raft to the mud sump for 50 minutes, they reach the mud sump. At this time, the sludge flows into the mud sump, the scraping unit is automatically lifted, and the equipment automatically reverses to the overflow raft. fall. This is called a loop process. Then a new round of scraping cycle begins. This automated process continues without interruption. Judging from the current operation of the equipment, the smoothing sedimentation tank has clear water quality when the scraper is running, and there is no turbidity in the pool. The whole process has no scraping dead angle, which provides a guarantee for the normal operation of the advection sedimentation tank. It is also simple, convenient and effective. The mud method also saves a lot of manpower and material costs for the manufacturer.

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