Submersible foul water pump, also called submersible foul water e pump, is a pump that can be submerged into submerged operation. It is generally divided into a single-blade impeller (AS) type and a swirling impeller (AV) type. This pump ensures discharge of sewage by breaking debris in sewage. Submersible foul water pump designed and developed by Runneng has strong sewage discharge capacity, no clogging, reasonable design, energy saving and high efficiency, compact structure and convenient movement. It can transport industrial wastewater, construct construction site drainage, liquid feed and other liquids.

A sewage treatment plant in Zhengzhou was established in 2003. Construction scale is 100,000 tons of sewage per day, 50,000 tons of recycled water per day, and 196 mu of construction land, which belongs to tertiary water treatment. Sewage treatment process adopts an improved oxidation ditch process, and recycled water process adopts a conventional treatment process (coagulation, sedimentation, filtration). In 2004, water was commissioned. After three levels of advanced treatment, it was transported to urban landscape water, which changed status of long-term waterless sources in area and penetrated the whole city to beautify urban environment. Since establishment of treatment plant, the operation has been stable and the effluent quality is good. It has been awarded many honorary titles such as environmentally friendly enterprises.

With the operation of plant, submersible foul water pump has worn parts and efficiency of sewage treatment has been reduced. This sewage treatment plant has learned that Runneng has rich design and production of pumps experience, so they invited our technicians to recommend suitable pump models. Based on factors such as water quality treatment and treatment scale, technicians proposed a new type of submersible foul water pump. After communication between two parties, company finally reached a cooperation and decided to use RN50QW25-12-2.2 type submersible foul water pump customized by Runneng.

Runneng submersible slops pump parameters

• Model is RN50QW25-12-2.2
• Flow rate is 25 m3/h
• Head is 12 m
• Motor power is 2.2 KW
• Speed is 2900 r/min
• Water outlet diameter is 50mm
• Weight is 40 kg

Application of Submersible Foul Water Pump for A Sewage Treatment Plant in Zhengzhou
Application of Submersible Polluted Water Pump for A Sewage Treatment Plant in Zhengzhou

Effect of submersible foul water pump

In June 2016, Runneng customized submersible foul water pump for Zhengzhou customers and transported pumps to the site. After both parties inspected the packaging, specifications and related accessories, and confirmed the correctness, then builders installed the pump. After sampling and testing, the sewage indicators can meet requirements, and pump can run stably. Both parties expressed satisfaction with the work.


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