Submersible polluted water pump, also known as submersible sewage pump, is a sewage pump that can effectively transport solids and long fibers. QW series non-blocking submersible polluted water pump designed and manufactured by Runneng has mature technology, high operating efficiency, anti-winding, no clogging, automatic coupling, compact design and automatic control. It is mainly used in municipal engineering, industry, hospitals and buildings, hotels, restaurants and other industries.

A Food company in Weifang Changle County, Shandong Province, is a well-established and good quality meat duck and pig production company. Annual breeding capacity of meat ducks is 40 million, and annual processing capacity of various types of meat duck products is 150,000 tons; the annual capacity of 1 million pigs for slaughtering and processing, and the annual processing of pig products is 100,000 tons; the company processes meat ducks and pork cooked products for 10 years. 10,000 tons; 600,000 tons of processed feed and 5,000 tons of finished down. Sewage treatment plant affiliated to the company is mainly engaged in the livestock and poultry breeding and processing wastewater of the food company, with a daily processing capacity of 30,000 m3. Since its establishment, with strong support of environmental protection departments at all levels, sewage treatment plant has strict treatment measures and processes to ensure excellent wastewater treatment.

As production progressed, Weifang customers found that sewage treatment effect was reduced. In order to achieve standard of effluent water quality, sewage treatment plant invited Runneng technicians to carry out troubleshooting, and found that impeller of a submersible polluted water pump was seriously worn, resulting in insufficient water supply. Runneng recommends replacement of submersible polluted water pump, and Weifang customers agree. Our company recommends RN50QW15-28-2.2 submersible polluted water pump according to treatment scale of sewage treatment plant and treatment of water quality.

Submersible polluted water pump technical parameters

• Model is RN50QW15-28-2.2
• Flow rate is 15 m3/h
• Head is 28 m
• Motor power is 2.2 KW
• Speed is 2860 r/min
• Water outlet diameter is 50mm
• Weight is 40 kg

Application of Submersible Polluted Water Pump for Livestock And Poultry Processing Wastewater in Weifang

In May 2017, Runneng packaged and transported RN50QW15-28-2.2 submersible polluted water pump to Weifang customer site. After checking and confirming that there is no quality problem, customer puts it into use. After taking water sample, COD concentration is 41.6mg/L, the ammonia nitrogen concentration is 2.23mg/L, and the actual total discharge is COD103.28 tons, ammonia nitrogen 5.24 tons.The ton and effluent indicators all meet requirements of the A standard in Table 1 of Pollutant Discharge Standard for Urban Sewage Treatment Plants (GB18918-2002).


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